International Students

Thank you for your interest in Platt College Digital Media Design San Diego.  Platt College welcomes you in seeking a rigorous education in an environment where creativity, critical thinking, innovation and global perspectives on the digital media design industry are valued.

We welcome the occasion to discuss your digital media design goals as an international student, and the opportunity to study in the United States more thoroughly.  Talented individuals from nations as diverse as Argentina, China, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey,  Germany, and Denmark,  have chosen Platt’s unique educational environment as the place to launch their journey into the digital media design industry.

International Admissions process

Apply for admissions at Platt College:

  • Submit Application for Admissions, click here
  • Review catalog and select desired program, click here
  • The admissions department is available to answer your questions regarding which degree or program matches your goals.
  • Submit I-20 Application or I-20 Transfer Form, click here
  • High School and previous College transcripts need to be evaluated for U.S. equivalency from a Member of the  Please work with a Member of NACES to complete your transcript evaluation and request they send your official evaluation to:  Platt College Admissions Department, click here
  • Complete a Wonderlic assessment in English accompanied with a short essay. You may contact Platt College Admissions to arrange administration of the assessment either in person or in your own country. To complete the assessment in your own country, you will need to arrange and provide the contact information of an agent, teacher, librarian, etc., in your home country.  If visiting San Diego, you may complete the assessment in person.  Practice assessments are available upon request. Example Wonderlic test, click here

* Entrance Tests: Platt does not require GRE or TOEFL test scores.

  • Financial Information: The immigration department requires that you have proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition, books, supplies and living expenses for the minimum term of one year while in the United States.
  • Current minimum amount for sufficient funds for an Associate Degree first year of tuition, fees and living expenses are $32,907.00 US.  This is subject to change depending on your program or degree of interest.
  • Provide current original, official bank statement stating sufficient funds are available to you for a full year.
  • If you are not the owner of the funds, your sponsor may submit their official bank statement and a letter of support from the person responsible for the funds. The sponsor letter should state that the person responsible agrees to pay for your tuition, books, supplies and living expenses while you are studying in the United States.
  • If the student or sponsor owns a business, the applicant provides business registration, licenses, etc., and tax documents, as well as original bank records and/or statements.

Admissions Acceptance, Issuing an I-20 Form and Paying the SEVIS I-901 Fee:

  • Once the admission and financial requirements are met, the DSO (Designated School Official) creates an initial SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) record and issues a Form I-20 for the student.
  • If outside the United States, Platt sends a copy of the Form I-20, signed by a DSO, to the you.  If currently in the United States, you may arrange to pick it up.
  • Applicants that require a visa to enter the United States must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee before going to the US Embassy or Consulate for their Visa interviews. Nonimmigrant currently in the US who apply for student or exchange visitor status must pay the fee prior to filing their change of status application.  For detailed information on payment of the SEVIS I-901 fee, please visit You may obtain proof of the SEVIS I-901 fee payment in the following ways:
  • By Credit Card On-line:  The receipt may be printed after paying online at with a credit card.
  • By Western Union Quickpay: The receipt may be issued by Western Union when using the Western Union quickpay option to remit payment (Form I-797 receipt).
  • When paying electronically, allow at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled visa interview or when paying by regular mail, allow at least 15 days prior to the interview.

Transfer Student process:

  • Student provides transfer-in school (Platt College) required documents for admissions and financial support documents as stated in the “admissions” process above.
  • Student informs the DSO at the transfer-out school of their desire to transfer.
  • Upon acceptance into a program, student provides the DSO at the transfer-out school with proof of acceptance from the transfer-in school.
  • Student must maintain status by attending classes until the transfer release date. Student cannot decide to transfer in the middle of a term and immediately stop attending classes.  This action would be a violation of status and the student’s SEVIS record is terminated.
  • Student should contact transfer-in school shortly after the transfer release date.

Student must report to the transfer-in school within 15 days of the program start date and enroll in the first required session/term at the school.