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Explore Digital Video Production Careers

Boom Operator

Controls the boom microphone in order to maintain quality audio during a shoot.

Broadcast Designer

Designs graphics for use on-air.


Uses a digital camera to control the look of a film or television project.


Controls the overall view and outcome of a commercial, film, or television show by directing all shots, action, and actors in a production.


Takes raw footage and creates a finished piece that adheres to the director’s vision.


Manages all lighting during a shoot.

Graphic Design

Creates logos and promo spots for television.

Key Grip

Lighting and rigging technician also in charge of set safety.

Location Manager

Coordinates logistics of shooting a production on location.

Motion Graphics Designer

Creates animated artwork for web, TV, and film.


Oversees the making of a film, from financing to ultimate distribution.

Script Supervisor

Oversees changes made to the script during production.


Works under the director, overseeing pre-production and lighting during filming.

Visual Effects Editor

Produces media for video production, including 3D animations and graphics.


Crafts original storylines for film or television.