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The Bruery The BrueryMichael Fugoso, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
The Music Box The Music BoxPrin Ratnatasaniya, Gallery TypeVisual Effects & Compositing
Surreal Self Portrait Surreal Self PortraitJennifer Brincho, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Time-Lapse (San Diego) Time-Lapse (San Diego)Marc Cella, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
Punk Rock Digital Painting Punk Rock Digital PaintingKyrsa Dunnihoo, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Forest City (After Effects Project) Forest City (After Effects Project)Natasha Englehardt, Gallery TypeVisual Effects & Compositing
Fonzerelli 5k Fonzerelli 5kJarod Octon, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Vector Portrait Vector PortraitJonelle Orozco, Gallery TypeGraphic Design
Platt Admission Platt AdmissionJustin Edelman, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
CG Model - Octopus Warrior CG Model - Octopus WarriorFelix Honda, Gallery Type3D Animation
Star Wars Tie Fighters Website Star Wars Tie Fighters WebsiteMichael Grandison, Gallery TypeWeb Design
Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey (Still Image Project) Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey (Still Image Project)Natasha Englehardt, Gallery TypeDigital Video Production
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