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A Creative Tribute to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars Art Show

Star Wars Art Show hosted by FX Dojo

Last Friday night Platt College students and alumni had the exciting opportunity to be part of a special Star Wars art show! Local San Diego artists, designers and cosplayers joined the fun for this exclusive one night event held by FX Dojo, to share their love for a legendary franchise. Platt College would like to thank FX Dojo for including our students in such an inspiring event!

Star Wars Art Show

The show allowed everyone who submitted their art to sell it through a unique auctioning system all set-up through the FX Dojo website. This was a great moment for many of our digital media design students and other artists to sell their art to someone through a fun silent auction. Congratulations to everyone who participated, it was your hard work and talent that made this such a wonderful event to attend.

Star Wars Art Show

One of the event organizers and a current student at Platt College, Michael Fugoso.

A special thank you to the event organizers, Otto Lai, Harry Chang and Michael Fugoso. Otto Lai, who owns FX Dojo, and previously taught 3D Animation at Platt, has been doing a great job in reaching out to the local artist community to host fun events like this and we appreciate the opportunity to be involved with them all! We can’t wait for the next event!

Star Wars Art Show

Platt College alumni Jarod Octon with his Boba Fett art piece.


Star Wars Art Show

Star Wars Art Show

Platt College alumni Victor Silva and Carrie Ann took a moment to pose for a photo with our Social Media Coordinator Natasha Englehardt in their festive Star Wars attire!

Star Wars Art Show

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