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Bring Your Friend to Platt Day!

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Platt College San Diego welcomes you to join us Friday, July 19th, for day students and Tuesday July 23rd for evening students, to celebrate Bring Your Friend to Platt Day! If you are a current student invite your friends and family. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show off your innovative computer labs and projects. If you don’t know a current student, you are still invited. Contact Admissions and mention this event. It’s an open invitation! Come see what being a Platt Digital Media Design student is all about!

Bring Your Friend to Platt Day!

This event is a fun filled day for students, visitors and teachers to really illustrate the wonderland of the Digital Media Designer here at Platt College. Guests are invited to sit in on our classes to see what students are currently learning about and designing. Plus, as an added addition to the day we will be hosting a courtyard celebration complete with tasty beverages and snacks!

If you are unable to attend on either days and would still enjoy a tour of our lovely campus follow the link to schedule a tour at your convenience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

View Student Work right now:

Open Invitation! If you would like to attend this event and do not know a current student, contact the Admissions Department @ 619.265.0107.

Visit Platt College!

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