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Coming Soon: ‘Green Sky’ a Film by Platt College Productions

In our Term 6 Advanced Digital Video Production class taught by Jodi Ciley, a group of Platt College students worked together to film and edit a movie called Green Sky. The script was written by Platt student Kevin Marquez when in his Term 6 Scriptwriting class and they have been filming this project over the past couple weeks.

Green Sky

This project is an excellent opportunity for our Video Production students to work together as a team using their knowledge from previous classes to create a short film. The students who contributed to this project include: Jessika Mikus, Joshua Swanson, Austin Faure, Rosa Peraza, Jeremy Vasquez, Kevin Marquez and Alex Smith.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a major roll on a set (I was the Assistant Director) so I was nervous, but it felt good to have a say in the production. I’m more sure than ever that this is the field I’m suppose to work in.” -Platt Student Jessika Mikus when asked about working on Green Sky

They recently launched their first trailer for the film and a movie poster designed by Platt College alumni Austin Faure. Be sure to watch the trailer and stay tuned for the full film coming soon! Click to RSVP to the Premiere on Facebook.

Green Sky Official Trailer 2014 from Alex Graham Smith on Vimeo.

Production Photos

Green Sky

Green Sky

Green Sky

Green Sky

Green Sky

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