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Platt Graduate Nominated for Podcast Award

Local podcaster and Platt College alum, Adam Hay, has been nominated for a Podcast Award as one of five finalists in the education category. The podcast, Rookie Designer, is a weekly show consisting of instruction and discussion aimed particularly at students of design, or those who have recently entered the workforce. In each episode a new topic of interest is covered in depth and explained in full, from securing your first design job, to the ins and outs of building and maintaining a successful freelance business. Other segments include the “Rookie Mistake Tip”, where common mistakes are pinpointed for future generations to avoid, “The Bullpen” which consists of a resource in the form of a website or podcast and “The Keys to the Game”, which is a useful key command from a popular design application. Rookie Designer was started in October of 2005 and has already gained thousands of listeners worldwide.

The Podcast Awards is an annual event that will recognize the best podcasters in the world by allowing the people (Listeners and Podcasters) to nominate, and then vote for their favorite podcast.

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