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Platt Students Return from Inspirational Trip Abroad

Welcome Back Students!

Trip Abroad

Once a year our digital media design students have the opportunity to take an inspiring trip abroad with their fellow classmates. This years trip abroad was to Europe, where they visited Amsterdam, France and London! At Platt, we believe that culture and traveling is an inseparable part of any curriculum. Whether one discovers local culture, communities, parks, museums, history or traveling abroad to explore other countries, students have the opportunity to learn unmatchable insight and appreciation. The cultural experience influences many of the student’s creative design styles and innovative ideas.

During our optional Annual Study Abroad Trip students gain an understanding of diverse cultures, customs, art and admire the achievements and works of the forefathers, philosophers, dreamers and leaders, who have enriched our lives.

We hope our students had a fun and enriching experience on their recent adventure. If you went on the trip and have photos you would like to share with us please contact our Social Media Coordinator, Natasha Englehardt at We would love to see photos from your travels!

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