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SOE Workshop: The Free Realms Filter

Sony Online Entertainment will be hosting a unique workshop, detailing all the key elements to create a successful game and the brand that surrounds it. This one hour long workshop will be led by three Art Directors from the SOE Studios, so come with your questions!

Details of the Workshop:
Recognizability is the glue that holds an IP together. Ideally every element in a game from the smallest plants to creatures to the user inter…face should have a distinct style that players will associate with the title even when viewed outside the game world. This kind of recognizability requires a strong consistent visual style and a commitment from all stakeholders to continually uphold it. The development of the style begins with the core game, encompassing characters, environments, UI and FX. It then extends into cross departmental collaboration between the Developers, Marketing, PR, Web presence and all outsourcing. Doing this successfully requires attention to key elements that will be discussed in this presentation.

This unique workshop will take place on Tuesday, Jan 25th, in the GE Purple Room. Everything kicks off at 3:30PM, so please arrive promptly.

Please RSVP for this event, visit the link below and hit “I’m attending”.

Sony Online Entertinament Workshop RSVP Page

You can also contact your Career Services to reserve a spot.

Hope to see everyone there!


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