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Student Exhibition at the Lyceum (April 22-May 22, 2005)

San Diego Repertory Theater & Platt College present the fifth exhibition of student work. The informal “opening” of the exhibition is Sunday, May 15 at 5:50pm. After the opening (7pm) any Platt College student may see the play in the Lyceum “Coridos” free of charge (guests $12.50).

We concluded the entire season with the San Diego Repertory Theater (Lyceum) – our students prepared all of the shows posters, invitations, programs, subscribers’ brochures and ads. It was a wonderful collaboration.

Student contributors:
Rachelle Martin, Shane Lavery, Tony Nguyen, Brian Adriano, Randy Mayor, David Shepard, Illona Broyde, Eduard “Lalo” Pena, Guillermo Chapa, David Hsia, Christopher Pitcher, Erwin Costello, Vanessa Coleman, Aaron Ponce, Sebastian Macias, Dan Sanborn and Paul Albano.

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