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Beautiful Platt Student Work on Display at the San Diego County Fair

Platt Student Work Now On Display At the San Diego County Fair!

Since 2006 Platt students have had the wonderful opportunity for their work to be seen by thousands of people who visit the San Diego County Fair every year. From graphic design and 3D Animation to photography and traditional paintings, Platt students have submitted a wide variety of artwork to be displayed at the Student Showcase Exhibit. As an added incentive for students to submit their work, they are given free admission to the fair and have the opportunity to win awards for their designs! On average Platt digital media designers take home more than 30 ribbons and awards each year.

Some of the students, alumni and teachers who had their designs featured this year include: Brian Bridwell, Karine We Jye Hwa, Chard Escobar, Natasha Englehardt, Oscar Singh, Dave Bittorf, Justin Edelman, Manuel Parra, Marco Adames, Austin Faure and Georgeanna Clark. Platt 3D Animation teacher Dave Bittorf also won best of class for one of his submissions! Congratulations to all who participated. Check out our gallery below to see some of the designs that are currently on display.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the fair and check out the student showcase yet this year, hurry it’s only running until July 4th. Be sure to stop by and show support for our talented artists!

To see a more complete list of students featured in this years showcase check out the San Diego County Fair website:

Blog Written by Natasha Englehardt

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