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Contest To Rule Them All (Contest #1)

Platt College Career Service team has setup a series of contest throughout 2012. Each month, everyone is invited to partake in these challenges!

Each contest has been designed to test the creative prowess of each individual and will justly reward the best of the best. However, in the spirit competition, we’ve added a small incentive…

Each month, the contest winners will take home their winnings PLUS each winner will be given a certain amount of points depending on if they take 1st place, 2nd place, etc. At the end of the year, the individual with the most points, wins the grand prize of awesome.

What is the grand prize?

Trips to Disneyland, VIP tour of the Walt Disney Studio, VIP tour of the Rhythm and Hues Studio, Trips to Universal Studios Hollywood, Nintendo Wii U System, or loads of the biggest games of the year!

And that’s ON TOP of the prizes you can win from each individual contest!
So are you down? Let’s begin…

First contest to rule them all #1

Create a flyer/poster showcasing propaganda slogans from the Empire (Star Wars). Show your love for the Empire by creating a poster that recruits people to follow Lord Vader!

The Details:

  • The flyer/poster CANNOT BE made bigger than 12 x18 inch.
  • 300 dpi
  • PDF format
  • All mediums (water color, pencil drawing, paintings, vector art, etc) are accepted for this contest.
  • Deadline for this contest is Thursday, 27th of Sept.

    All final work must be submitted to Career Services by the end of day (27th of Sept).

    Questions? Email

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