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Musketon Kicks Off His World Domination Tour at Platt College!

Musketon Visits Platt College

Last month Platt College had the wonderful opportunity to host an exclusive workshop featuring world famous illustrator and Adobe’s New Creative, Musketon! Traveling all the way from Belgium to speak to our students, Musketon has traveled further than any other guest speaker to visit our school. Our very own Social Media Coordinator, Natasha Englehardt, who has been following his work for quite some time reached out to him through his Instagram page about speaking at Platt. Despite the fact that Musketon has almost 40,000 followers on Instagram alone, he quickly responded to her request and the rest is history!

Students and fans from all over California flocked to Platt the day of the event to listen to his words of wisdom about working as a freelance designer. For the first part of the workshop, Musketon shared his story about what got him to where he is today. One of the first things he expressed at the beginning of the workshop was, “It’s important to fail really hard.” When you are first getting started in your design career it’s important to not be afraid of failure. Musketon talked about his first job working at Coca-Cola and the internal struggle of working at a job that didn’t make him happy. But he soon learned to take risks and follow his dreams! Now he is traveling the world making art and sharing his story. Which becomes even more impressive when you learn that he’s only 24 years old!

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki by Musketon

When asked about working with well known celebrities like Steve Aoki and The Chainsmokers, his best advice was to take the time to make something for someone you want to work for, even if they haven’t asked you to. If you go after the types of projects you want to work on and the people you want to work with, it will eventually reflect in your designs. If you want to work for a company like Nike, start creating designs you think would cater to the Nike brand to build up your portfolio.

Nike by Musketon

Nike Design by Musketon

For the second half of his workshop he focused on presenting his workflow while creating a vector piece using Adobe Illustrator. He first showed the students a rough sketch of a skull he had created to start his outlines. Another neat tool he showed the students was a plug-in called Dynamic Sketch that he uses with his Wacom tablet to streamline his drawing process in Illustrator. One of many great tips he had for the students was to never underestimate the power of basic shapes like circles to create a clean design.


Overall, the Musketon workshop was very inspiring and motivating for all who attended. We even had visitors from Northern California visit our school just to hear him speak! We are extremely grateful to Musketon and his manager Toon Carpentier for taking the long journey to visit San Diego and speak to our students. Thank you team Musketon for reaching out to our school, the students loved every minute of the workshop (and the awesome free stickers). For a short recap on the days activities check out the Youtube video below created by his friend Tim Dalle.

More Inspiring Work by Musketon


Freeride by Musketon


Blog Written by Social Media Coordinator Natasha Englehardt

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  1. Been really enjoying the events at Platt as of late. This was by far the best guest speaker to visit the college thus far. Eager for the next event.

    • Happy to hear that Jarod! Stay tuned for future events and guest speakers!

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