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The Top 10 Student Designs for June 2014

If you’re someone who follows Platt College on Instagram, you will see that almost daily we make a point to share art, animation, and designs from our talented media arts students and alumni. This is the first blog in a new spotlight series that will focus on our most popular student creations at the end of each month according to Instagram likes. If you don’t follow us, be sure to check out our profile at for daily art and design inspiration!

#1 – Platt College student Jazmin Castillo created an amazing collection of Pokemon themed tattoo designs! Her early inspirations for drawing involved the world of Pokemon and her most recent inspirations are traditional tattoos, so she decided to combine the two.

#2 - Platt College Graphic Design student Kyrsa Dunnihoo recently redesigned the cover for Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. For this Term 3 Digital Imaging project students are asked to pick a movie of their choice and design a new cover for it using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.

#3 – Platt College alumni Amber Bouley has an incredible talent when it comes to drawing. The majority of her drawings are inspired by different Disney characters and movies. This particular sketch is a mash-up of Stitch & Jack Skellington from a Nightmare Before Christmas.

#4 – Platt College student Natasha Englehardt is a Visual Effects student with a passion for photography as well. You can never go wrong with a San Diego sunset!

#5 – Check out this awesome linocut print created by Platt College student Rocky Beck-Owens for her GE Class Fundamentals of Illustration. Her concept for this piece was to combine Star Wars Ewoks with a Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull theme.

#6 – Platt College student Michael Fugoso designed this excellent branding for Buddy’s diner. The goal of this project was to create a modern feel with 1950′s flare.

#7 – In our Term 3 Digital Imaging class, students learn how to use Photoshop to create a variety of different projects. One particular project is the Surreal Self Portrait that combines multiple image elements to create the final piece. This awesome self portrait was created by Platt College student Brian Castillo.

#8 – Platt College Graphic Design student Allen Encabo recently created this stunning surreal self portrait. Using a variety of techniques he learned in our Term 3 Digital Imaging class he was able to combine multiple photo elements to create this beautiful piece.

#9 – Check out this awesome photo manipulation design by Platt College alumni Justin King. Using a photo he took last year while heading back from Mammoth Mountain on Highway 395, he then mirrored it to add the trippy symmetry using Photoshop. Most of the work including the galactic sky , was done in Photoshop. However he also used 2 iOS apps called Fragment and Mextures to complete the overall look.

#10 – Platt College 3D Animation alumni Brian Long has an impressive demo reel that showcases many projects he created during his studies here. Here’s a short clip of it! The programs used for his reel include: Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Realflow, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Headus.

Blog Written by Social Media Coordinator, Natasha Englehardt

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  1. Great article! A lot of talented creatives showcased.

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