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3D Modeling & Design Program

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Bachelor of Science Degree: Media Arts 3D Modeling and Design

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts (emphasis in 3D Modeling & Design), prepares students for a broad range of design and technology skills for a career in the 3D Modeling and Design fields.

The program focuses on 3D Modeling & Design foundations including:

Occupations may include:

Program Cost

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Program Courses


  • IA104 Introduction to 3D
  • IV104 Introduction to Digital Video
  • IW104 Fundamentals of Web


  • 3D310A Hard Surface Modeling – Prop Modeling
  • 3D320A Advanced Materials
  • 3D330A Anatomy for Character Modelers


  • 3D410A Advanced Organic Modeling
  • 3D420A Game Character
  • 3D430A Modeling Thesis
  • PP200 Portfolio Development


  • FIL201 Film and Society
  • MUS201 Enjoyment of Music
  • ENS201 Environmental Science II
  • MAT204A Mathematics and Computation
  • LIT201 Topics and Figures in Literature
  • HUM203 History of Graphic Design
  • ENG202 Digital Media Writing
  • ENG204A Marketing and Business Communication
  • ART202 Fundamentals of Illustration


  • An Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Platt College or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Photoshop®, Illustrator® & HTML/CSS
  • An acceptable professional or educational portfolio