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Professional Development

Bachelor of Science Degree: Media Arts



Platt College San Diego’s Professional Development Courses (PD) are designed for, but not limited to, professionals seeking to learn software, scripting or concepts that will enhance your knowledge in the Digital Media Design field.

How to enroll:

It is very simple; Call 619-265-0107 and an admissions representative will be happy to assist you.


All courses require prerequisite skills and will be interviewed and assessed by the assigned instructor to make sure you meets all of the prerequisites for the course, as well as to determine if the course will meet the expectations of you. Please see designated course page for exact requirements.


Cash (Check, Credit Card, or Money Order also accepted) payment is due before entering the course. If the course is not paid in full before the course begins you will be dropped from the course.

Certificate of Completion:

You will receive a certification of completion upon request. College credit, grade, transcript, diploma or an academic degree will not be issued.


You will NOT receive an academic grade for course(s).

Attendance Policy:

Regular attendance is expected of you. More than a 20% absence rate in a course will result in you being dropped from the course. Nevertheless, the instructors have the prerogative to permit less than the above stated number of absences based on the specific requirements of the course.

Job Placement:

Platt College San Diego is not responsible for placing you into a job.


Enrollment in courses is subject to available seating.

Cancellation Policy:

When you enroll you can withdraw from the course without any penalty. You will receive a full refund of any money paid if canceled prior to the course beginning date or within the first seven days of enrollment. “Day” is defined as a calendar day.

Cancellation occurs when you give a written notice to the registrar of Platt College San Diego.

You are financially responsible for any distributed supplies. If returned in saleable condition you will receive a full refund on each supply.

Pro Rated Policy:

If you attend less than 60% of the course there will be a pro rated calculation. No refund occurs if you attend more than 60% (15 course days) of the course.

Program Cost

Program Courses

  • IA104 Introduction to 3D
  • 3D310 Advanced Materials
  • 3D320 Hard Surface & Prop Modeling
  • 3D330 Game Character
  • 3D410 Anatomy For Character Modelers
  • 3D420 Advanced Organic Modeling
  • 3D430 Demo Reel Development
  • PP200 Portfolio Development