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B.S. Degree: Digital Video Production



The Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts Program, with an area of study in Digital Video Production, prepares students in a broad range of design and technology skills for a career in the digital media and design fields. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts with an area of study in digital video production program will offer solid knowledge to the students enabling them to solve complex video production problems and to create professional artistically unique products. The program will introduce a wide range of pre-production, production, post-production, special effects and sound design techniques. Students will become proficient in industry standard programs for editing, compositing, motion graphics, and sound design and engineering. The program starts with an overview of the digital media field with introductory courses in web design (HTML/CSS) and animation, enabling them to gain a full understanding of platforms in the digital media field. The program will also offer elements of cinema, storytelling, or how to apply material to commercial video, short documentary and narrative films. Students will create original infomercials and will explore advanced projects in narrative to master the workflow for single and multiple camera editing, compositing and effects. Students will learn about contemporary and emerging video formats and will be familiarized with live switcher equipment, setup and controls, as well as efficiency to direct, shoot and finish professional quality projects. An inseparable part of the program is writing an original screenplay, budgeting, producing and marketing of completed original project. Sound design and engineering will offer an understanding of sound theory in its acoustic, digital and analog properties. To fully comprehend sound design, students will be editing sound for media such as DVDs, Motion Graphics, Film/Video, Radio and Gaming using industry standard software. Students must complete all course requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design as well as Introduction to Digital Media courses of Term Four. In the second academic year, the students will specifically concentrate on disciplines of Video Production and Advanced Video Production. As is the case with the Associate Degree programs, a student is required to take 4 credits in each of four disciplines: Art, Mathematics / Science, Social Sciences / Humanities, and English / Language. Students may select from the below offerings. In no case, may the same credit be used for the Associate and the Bachelor of Science Degree. In addition, students will be enrolled in PP200, Portfolio Project. The program will prepare students for entry-level positions such as video editors, motion graphics artists, sound technicians and editors, and digital compositors.
Program Cost

Program Courses


  • An Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Platt College or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Photoshop®, Illustrator®, HTML/CSS & Typography
  • An acceptable professional or educational portfolio


  • IA104 Introduction to 3D
  • IV104 Introduction to Digital Video
  • IW104 Fundamentals of Web


  • DW300 Script Writing
  • DS300 Sound Design & Engineering
  • DC300 Digital Composition & Motion Graphics


  • DAP400A Digital Video Production
  • DAP400B Advanced Digital Video Production
  • DAC400 Advanced Digital Compositing & Motion Graphics
  • PP200 Portfolio Development

Bachelor of Science General Education

Art/Art History

  • FIL201 Film and Society
  • MUS201 Enjoyment of Music


  • ENS201 Environmental Science II
  • MAT204 * Business Math

Social Sciences/Humanities

  • BUS202 Marketing Communications
  • HUM203 History of Graphic Design


  • ENG202 Digital Media Writing
  • ENG204 * Business Communications

Electives (one of)

  • ART202 Fundamentals of Illustration
  • INT200 Internship


  • PP200 Portfolio Project

* Specific content transfer required or complete this course in residence.

Upon successful completion of all Associate of Applied Science Degree requirements, Terms 4 – 6, the required General Education Courses and portfolio, students will have completed 129 semester credit hours (2540 hours of instruction) and will be issued a Bachelor of Science Degree: Media Arts.