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Diploma: Specialized Digital Video Production



When you complete the Diploma: Specialized Digital Video Production, you will have acquired knowledge enabling them to solve complex video production problems. The program will equip you with the skills necessary for pre-production, production, and post-production workflow in professional digital video production. You will have solid foundation in industry standard programs: FinalCut Pro® in HD format for editing, Pro Tools® for sound editing and engineering, and AfterEffects® for compositing. The program starts with an overview of the digital media field with introductory courses in web design (HTML/CSS) and animation (Maya®) enabling you to gain a full understanding of a platform in digital media field. The program will also offer elements of cinema, storytelling, how to apply material to commercial video, short documentary and narrative films. You will learn about contemporary and emerging video formats and will be familiarized with live switcher equipment, setup and controls; efficiency to direct, shoot and finish professional projects. Technical issues such as frame rates, color correction, compression, and film-to-video transfer are other introduced skills. Specialized Digital Video Production prepares you for entry level positions as video editors, motion graphics artists, sound technicians and editors, and digital compositors. Program Cost

Program Courses


  • An Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Platt College or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Photoshop®, Illustrator®, HTML/CSS & Typography
  • An acceptable professional or educational portfolio


  • IA104 Introduction to Animation
  • IV104 Introduction to Digital Video
  • IW104 Fundamentals of Web


  • DC300 Digital Compositing & Motion Graphics
  • DP300 Digital Video Production
  • DS300 Sound Design & Engineering


  • PP200 Portfolio Project

Upon successful completion of Term 4 – 5 and PP200, students will have completed 33 semester credit hours (700 hours of instruction) and will be issued a Diploma: Specialized Digital Video Production.