Associate of Applied Science Degree: Digital Media Design

A.A.S. Degree: Digital Media Design


Students completing the Associate of Applied Science Degree: Digital Media Design program will have acquired an in-depth understanding of the principles and foundations of digital media technologies and interactive communications including graphic design, web design, 3D animation, and digital video production.

Occupations may include:

The students will receive an extensive education in design, composition, layout, digital paint and illustration, typography, prepress production, photo manipulation, and designs of interactive publishing applications for tablet devices. On the Digital Media level, the curriculum includes fundamentals of interactive publishing applications, web design, HTML, CSS, basic programming, Graphical User Interface (GUI), fundamentals of video editing skills, basics of polygon modeling, UV mapping, texturing, logo animation and an introduction to game engine implementation.

Training in traditional skills, and a comprehensive understanding of a digital design and Digital Media studio operation is also an inseparable part of the program.

Platt College San Diego recognizes the importance of a person having college experience in subject areas outside of his/her professional specialization. The purpose of the general education courses is to enable one to do well in a career as well as in life. Therefore, a portion of each student’s education includes the areas of Mathematics / Science, English / Language, Social Sciences / Humanities, and Art. This policy assures that the student has sampled a broad range of disciplines, which will help to prepare the student to be a well-informed citizen of the modern world.

The program will prepare students for entry-level positions in the field of graphic design, digital publishing, production artist, entry-level graphic, 3D modeler, video editor and web designer.

Program Cost

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Program Courses


  • DD101 Digital Production
  • DES101 Design Basics
  • TYP101 Typography


  • D102 Vector Graphics
  • DPD102 Digital Publishing
  • P102 Raster Graphics


  • WD103 Introduction to Web (HTML/CSS)
  • DPD103 Dig. Pub. for Multiple Apps. and Devices
  • P103 Digital Imaging


  • IA104 Introduction to Animation
  • IV104 Introduction to Digital Video
  • IW104 Fundamentals of Web



  • ART103 Life Drawing
  • ART104 Creative Concepts


  • ANA100 Human Anatomy
  • BUS104 * Personal Financial Management

Social Sciences/Humanities  (two of)

  • HUM140 History of Society in Art (Ancient to 15th Century)
  • HUM141 History of Society in Art (15th to 20th Century)
  • LIT101 Introduction of Literature


  • COM105 * Oral Communications
  • ENG105 * English Composition

Required Electives

  • CS100 Career Skills, Interviewing and Presentation
  • CS101 Career Skills, Networking and Pro. Affiliations
  • CS103 Career Skills, Resume and Cover Letter Comp.


  • PP100 Portfolio Project

* Specific content transfer required or complete this course in residence.

Upon successful completion of Terms 1 – 4, General Education, and PP100 students will have completed 76.5 semester credit hours (1570 hours of instruction) and will be issued an Associate of Applied Science Degree: Digital Media Design.