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2nd Annual Portfolio Summit

July 20th, 2011 |

Life of a design student is a never ending cycle of studying, researching and continuing to hone ones creative skill sets. A huge part of a Digital Media Designer’s journey is to receive important, industry information and feedback from those that are successful in their given fields. On July 14th, 2011, the students of Platt College San Diego – Digital Media Design had the pleasure to receive just that… On Platt College’s – DMD campus students attended the 2nd Annual Portfolio Summit. This exclusive event included a star-studded cast of industry experts, detailing various ways to obtain that perfect position for which they are being trained. Industry experts included: • Larry Berry (Art Director, DC Comics/Warner Bros and Platt graduate) • Joe Shoopack (Director of Artistic Development, Sony Online Entertainment) • Thai Yin (CEO, Gaslamp Media) • Arnold Yoon (President, Digital Telepathy) • Mike De Rubertis (Technical Director, The Jim Henson Company) • Eugene Paluso (Visual Artist, LucasFilm and Platt graduate) • Anjelica Casillas (Digital Productions Manager, Rhythm and Hues Studios) Some students called this ensemble cast “The Avengers” and all felt in awe and inspired. Various topics were discussed throughout the summit, ranging from the development of resumes to the importance of an industry internship. Portfolio dialogue was the core topic of the summit, where panelists discussed presentations of student portfolios and relating it towards the variety of digital media design industry backgrounds present at the summit. They stressed the importance of displaying only the best work when presenting a portfolio and always exhibiting a professional demeanor. Furthermore, the guest panelist spoke frankly about what to avoid when showcasing and provided great insight into the common mistakes often made by new comers to the industry. Overall, the consensus throughout the event was to keep motivated to reach the desired goal, no matter the odds. Students left the event with clarity, important insight and a renewed inspiration to make their dreams come true! Platt College would like to thank our expert panelists for taking the time to share their knowledge, encouragement and experiences from the Web Design, Video Game, Hollywood Movie and Graphic Design industry.  

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