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3D Animation on the Rise: How It Can Be Implemented In Many Job Fields

June 15th, 2016 |

3D Animation on the RiseWritten by Nicole LewisThere is a growing demand for 3D animation because the field in itself is widening its scope.  3D Animation technology is now merging with an array of industries and being applied to many jobs such as marketing, forensics, medical, engineering and architecture. Many people ask, “What can I do with 3D Animation skills?”  The list is limitless. Here is a glimpse of the avenues one can explore with knowledge of 3D Animation.The fields mentioned above are merely just a few, there are numerous to list.  Many people are unaware of how 3D Animation can benefit certain fields. Animation expertise has become favorable in the professional realm.  For instance, in the marketing field, 3D animators are employing their knowledge to generate next level presentations, websites and other visual stimuli for business clients and consumers.  Animation can enhance business products; presenting them in a cutting edge way that leaves a longer lasting impression on the audience and/or clients. As a result, fusing animation skills with marketing skills delivers an advantage over the competition. Moreover, having an animator on a marketing team indeed has its bonuses. 3D Animation on the RiseForensics is another field that utilizes 3D Animation. Computer-made animation can recreate scenarios such as crime scenes, accidents and other events that can be very useful in a courtroom. How does Forensic Animation work? Simply put, Forensic Animation is the procedure of creating full motion computer graphics to reconstruct an event. Animators are provided with the facts and then assemble them into a sequence of immobile video images. An average sequence consists of thirty frames that are displayed in six to eight second intervals thus creating a cartoon- like movie version of the incident. Forensic Animation is becoming an esteemed technique in courtrooms wide-spread. 3D Animation on the RiseAdditionally, Animation in the medical field has become a well-liked method and is proving to be very effective.  The human body is complex and can be very hard to visualize through the naked eye—that is where 3D Animation comes in.  3D Animation provides a candid visual of the human body. It can delve deeper into the complexities of Science unlike any other art form. A drawing or a picture does not have the capability to capture the intricate details of the human body nor illustrate a medical procedure like a 3D visual can. Lastly, animation can be used for marketing a medical product that not only educates the patients about products, but provide visuals that engages them.3D Animation on the Rise   In brief, 3D Animation’s role for engineers and architects is that it can provide multifaceted views of a building and there are so many more uses for it in the engineering and architectural fields; it is only the beginning. Animation is a field to consider and not to be underestimated. It is field that is the latest hot commodity, constantly evolving and being implemented in various job fields.  Stay tuned for the countless ways that industries can utilize 3D Animation!

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