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4 Web Design Trends We’ll Continue To See in 2015

June 18th, 2015 |

With each passing year web trends continue to change – in the current of 2015, we’ve noticed certain web design trends that seem to be here for the year. Introducing, 4 web design trends you will likely see in 2015.1. Big, Big, BigAs computer technology develops, so does the bandwidth and imagery capabilities, enabling designers to do more with large images such as hero graphics. In general, usage of this trend should include an image that is relevant to your page. This trend is also popularly used with large text as a big focus point; great for logos and other web design elements.Web Design Trend of Hero Graphics2. TilingBased off of the Windows 8 Metro UI, this trend is workable with responsive environments and can be spiced up with varying pictures, textures, and edge irregularity. It’s a great web design element for portfolios or showing a wide variety of images all over the page, or for a small sectional splash on a website.Web Design Trend 2015 of Tiling3. MinimizationMinimal design, inspired by ‘Less is More’ or ‘Keep it Simple, Stupid’ – this web design trend requires that only the bare minimum be there to showcase the strongest points. It is effective on bringing the focus on certain elements.Web Design Trend of Minimal Design4. ParallaxParallax is the movement of a background image at a delayed speed, creating a site that seems more three-dimensional. There is a lot of creative and innovative ways to use this web design, including telling stories and placing products together as you scroll.Parallax Web DesignWant to learn more about the world of web design? Check out our degree and diploma programs!

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