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5 Texture Tutorials for Illustrator

June 19th, 2015 |

Sick of the same old texturing techniques for your projects? Give your next project some fresh handmade textures with these excellent Illustrator texture tutorials.1. Create a Leather TextureDesign a leather texture and add shading for a more authentic feel. Leather couches, purses? No problem.

Design a leather texture

2. Create a Wooden TextureThis great tutorial shows how to make a realistic wooden texture that can be used in many places. Interior mockups and trees will never look the same.

Wood Texture tutorial

3. Create a Fur TextureMake animals look more realistic with this tutorial, which covers gradients, shadings, and blending modes. Fuzzy looking sweaters and animals will seem almost tangible after this texture tutorial.

Fur Texture Tutorial

4. Create a Stippling TextureFool the crowds and create vector drawings that seem as though you’ve spent a multitude of hours doing stippling work with this excellent tutorial. This texture tutorial is great for making vector drawings look like paper drawings, or to add a nitty gritty feel to any piece.

Illustrator Texture tutorials

5. Create a Denim TextureWith a realistic looking result, this tutorial directs you how to really make some stunning looking denim. Design  your own jeans with this texture, or make a vector drawing more life-like.

Vector Denim Texture tutorial

The possibilities are endless with these textures. Get creative in your graphic designs and incorporate these in as many ways you would like.

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