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7 WordPress Themes We’re Loving

December 5th, 2016 |

Because WordPress is definitely the most popular CMS platform on the web, the WordPress community is huge. That means that there are thousands and thousands of developers, designers, and writers—not to mention millions of users—who are all part of the evolution of the WordPress platform. The result is lots of amazing free WordPress themes, and here are the 7 free WordPress themes we’re loving the most right now.


Hemingway is the perfect free WordPress theme for a look that’s going to safely stay current looking and avoid looking dated regardless of the way that design trends change. The look it gives your site is classic, elegant, and simple, with a two-column layout that’s appealing to most readers. The theme uses larger typography and it’s ideal for bloggers. Most importantly, Hemingway is a responsive theme, so whether your visitors are on smartphones, computers, or tablets, they’ll be able to use your site.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


Shapely is a great free WordPress theme that blends ease in web development with a beautiful, practical, graphically impressive product. Shapely offers sites that are responsive and vector icons, crisp text, and sharp graphics that look amazing even on high-resolution Retina displays. Furthermore, this one-page design is perfect for portfolios and business sites, and by using a tool like WooCommerce you can turn the site into an earner without coding anything at all.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving

SKT Full Width

If your site is going to be heavy on images, SKT Full Width is a great choice in free WordPress themes. It takes up the whole window with the image, and allows you to add your overlay text to get your message across without losing any visual image. Make sure if you go for this one that your images are very high resolution; they’ll need to work even on very big screens without looking fuzzy or muddy.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


Fashionistas is another easy to use, responsive free WordPress theme. Because it is so type-driven it is ideal for blogs and online magazines. Despite its emphasis on type, Fashionistas is visually pleasant and features an appealingly busy layout and striking headlines. It also allows you to use the WordPress Customizer to change your fonts, upload your logo, and otherwise make the site your own.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


Illdy is one of the most comprehensive free WordPress themes, with a very flexible interface that offers you the tools to create a very modern, avant-garde, colorful looking site. Along with the standard tools like the WordPress Live Customizer, Illdy comes with various options and features like shortcodes, templates, and widgets that allow you to add more function and customization, all without coding.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


Upright is a fantastic free WordPress magazine and blog theme. It is highly responsive, and blends the functionality of a portfolio site with stunning, prominent imagery to showcase content. Like other cutting edge themes, Upright uses custom background images, sidebar color pickers, and featured sliders to let you create your website and make it look and act just like you want it to, all without coding. The theme is also inherently optimized for search to boost your traffic.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


For sites that need to deliver huge amounts of text, Origin is the perfect free WordPress theme. Origin makes it easy to cram in tons of text without looking sloppy, and it keeps all of that text looking organized, too, with columns and typeface that make reading easy and appealing.7 WordPress Themes We're Loving


This most recent crop of free WordPress themes are amazing. They offer maximum functionality without coding and are all ready to create the responsive site you need to be ready for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. They look and feel wonderful for users, and—best of all—they’re free. We hope you love these 7 WordPress themes as much as we do.

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