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8 Reasons You Should Learn 3D Animation

March 29th, 2016 |

There are so many reasons why you should learn 3D animation. Here are some of the most important reasons to get up to speed in 3D, and a great way to get started.  

You want to do illustration work

  Back in the day conventional illustration techniques and drawn art were all we knew. But today 3D tools have changed most of the illustration work market. This kind of illustrated work is far faster, more economical for your clients, and offers you the ability to create photo-realistic results. 

You want to create animated features and characters

  Although cell animation still exists here and there, 3D animation is now the mainstay of all major shops in the industry. Creating amazing, believable characters takes creativity, but also serious technical skill.  

You want to work in motion picture production

  3D animations play an important role in modern moviemaking. Storyboards are often still the first step in making a film, but after that teams of 3D animators take over.  

You need to produce multimedia presentations

  Today’s corporate employee, consultant and CEO all need to be able to present their ideas to others in an engaging way. Knowing 3D animation means that you can create enhanced infographics and ebooks, produce immersive live shows and events, and make animated graphics and “how to” videos for websites.  

You want to design games

  If you want to create new games, you need to know the current state of the art. Game designers today all master 3D animation tools like 3ds Max and Maya. 

You want to create special effects

  A few compositors here and there might not use 3D tools, but they’re the lifeblood of the work almost anyone else in special effects does. To create realistic, exciting visual effects (VFX) you’ll need to know how to blend live-action footage and computer generated imagery.  

You want to work in broadcast and motion graphics

  If you want to produce credits, openings and other scenes for broadcasting, you will need to learn 3D animation.  

You want to work in industrial and product design

  It’s impossible to work in industrial and product design without knowing your 3D animation tools. You’ll need to create a computerized version of your intended product before you create it in real life.  

Get started with a free Larry the Dino 3D model and rig

3D Character Download  Created by Professor Dave Bittorf of Platt College, this model can show you how to animate your own character model or create a custom character rig. Larry the Dino is fully rigged already so you can practice animating him right away. Or, duplicate and modify him to create something new. This is exactly how you’ll use Autodesk Maya to produce characters that are realistic and beautiful.   Start with the model by making it move and interact with things around it. Practice deforming the model at each joint, and experiment until you animate the character to move just like you want it to. This character rig is perfect for all skill levels so download it today.       

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