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9 Reasons Everyone Should Have Basic Web Design Skills

April 25th, 2017 |

9 Reasons Everyone Should Have Basic Web Design SkillsSo, are you sick of hearing that you should really have some coding skills yet? Too bad, because it is entirely true. Whether you’re a writer, a banker, a marketer, a creative, or in any other field, basic web design skills will absolutely make a tremendous difference in your career. Here are some great examples of the ways that having basic design skills can boost any career.

Design custom marketing emails for customers or yourself

Email is one of the main go-to marketing tools, and that’s not changing anytime soon. If you can use HTML and CSS, you can create custom marketing emails that work with almost any email marketing service for your clients or yourself.

Create a unique Tumblr blog to highlight your work

A Tumblr blog is a great way for many people, especially those with any sort of visual component to their work, to highlight what they do. It’s also a perfect outlet for your passion project that’s been on the back burner, and the perfect outlet for bringing it to fruition. Anyone can use a Tumblr template, but knowing some HTML and CSS can transform a Tumblr template into something unique and special, further highlighting your skill.

Go beyond Tumblr and build a professional resume site from scratch

Speaking of Tumblr, you don’t have to keep your work there if you know HTML and CSS. When you create your own website from start to finish you are showing the world your skills and your drive. It is so much easier than you think and very impressive to potential clients, employers, and partners.

Show that you understand what’s out there

HTML provides the basis for all websites that are out there today. It also forms the building blocks of other web development languages. It isn’t a programming language; it’s the foundation that programming languages are built upon. If you know HTML you can build the framework for anything online from scratch, and learn the programming languages that flesh out the final concept.

Create better newsletters for corporate, non-profit, or small business use

Yes, customized marketing emails are just the beginning; you can also create newsletters, white papers, any other customized publications you, your business, or a client business might need. Knowing the HTML and CSS you need to create these pieces means you’ll be able to adhere to elements of corporate brand and style to maximize their effectiveness.

Take your skills as a creative to the next level

If you already have creative skills, especially digital ones, they are amplified when you have basic web design skills. For example, if you can use Photoshop, you can already create beautiful mockups of websites for clients. Turn those into working sites with your web design skills and you’re the “everything” candidate all companies wish they had on their team. Even if design has nothing to do with your job now, can you think of a company or industry that doesn’t have corporate websites? Exactly: no way.9 Reasons Everyone Should Have Basic Web Design Skills

Do more with WordPress

WordPress is everywhere; 27 percent of websites globally are built using the platform, and WordPress powers 2,682 of the top 10,000 sites. Knowing basic web design skills and being able to use HTML and CSS lets you update your business website without waiting for help.

Teach others some coding

Once you understand how to code, you can teach your co-workers and even your boss. Once again, you’ve turned yourself into an even bigger asset at work! (And once you train others, they can share the workload with you.)

Be popular with the technical team

Once you possess basic web design skills you will never again be the employee asking for help with “that thing that makes the computer do _____.” In other words, you will be able to work in a more productive way with the tech team, and they will love you for it.


These are just a few of the reasons that everyone should have basic web design skills today. The best part is, there are many ways to learn those web design skills! It’s an easy set of tasks that will improve your career prospects and your life, so don’t wait. Check out your options for learning basic web design skills now. 

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