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Adobe Photoshop Vs. Adobe Illustrator: A Guide To Using These Two Popular Design Tools

November 23rd, 2015 |

A closer look at two tools Platt College Students learn to use, knowing the difference between the them can greatly enhance your productivity.

Platt College San Diego’s media design programs teach students how to use a variety of graphic design tools, making our students competitive and marketable in today’s evolving technical world. But how do you decide when to use which tool? Here, we compare two of the most popular design tools, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Adobe Photoshop Vs. Adobe IllustratorAt first glance, the two programs seem very similar. Photoshop was launched in 1988 as a tool for photographers to edit and manage their photos. When Illustrator was released in 1987, it was primarily used in the typesetting and logo areas of graphic design. But now, both tools have evolved to encompass graphics and web design. Below we will show you the programs’ key differences so that you feel confident in when and how to use each one.Adobe Photoshop Vs. Adobe IllustratorThe main question to ask yourself is: What am I hoping to achieve by using these programs? If the project you are working on involves modifying already-created images or graphics, then Adobe Photoshop is the program for you. Everything in Photoshop is based on a series of pixels. If you scale something up or down in the program, it loses its quality quickly. But for images and web graphics that stay at a fixed rate, Photoshop is the most popular tool for editing and design. The program boasts many unique filters, special effects and tools that make it an unparalleled resource when it comes to editing photos. With Photoshop you can also edit pixel-by-pixel, giving you complete control over your project.Adobe Photoshop Vs. Adobe IllustratorBut if you are creating logos or designs, then Adobe Illustrator is your best bet. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator uses computer algorithms instead of pixels to create vector graphics. Vector graphics can be scaled up or down and still maintain their resolution and clarity. Because of this, Illustrator is most often used to create logos or anything needing to be printed or displayed at different sizes. It is also a much more effective tool for sketching and wireframes because of its ability to easily resize, manipulate and reuse design elements. However, Illustrator lacks the design editing tools of Photoshop, making it less ideal for image modification.Adobe Photoshop Vs. Adobe IllustratorWant to learn how to use these tools? Join us at Platt College for a bachelor degree, associate degree, diploma, or professional development in graphic and media design. Contact us for more information today! [SOURCES] Anonymous. Digital Tutors. <>. Ciafrone, Jason. “Which is better – Photoshop or Illustrator?” Creative Bloq Online. <>.  

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