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Art in Bloom at Mystic Mocha Cafe May 16th

May 13th, 2015 |

Platt College Presents Art in Bloom Exhibit at Mystic Mocha Cafe

Art in BloomWhat makes Platt College so dynamic is the warm and welcome community of students, faculty, and staff. We are always finding opportunities to extend our wonderful community out to the public with art exhibitions, International celebrations, fundraisers, and ways to enhance the San Diego community. Our Librarian and GE teacher Nicole Lewis wanted to weave the community where she lives in with her Platt Community. Art in Bloom is celebration of life, art, and community! Platt College brings art to the University Heights Community. Many of the students painted the benches and welcomed artists from the Community to join in on the fun!Art in BloomThis beautiful bench was painted by Amber Rose, a Native San Diegan and University Heights resident who came out to contribute to Platt College’s art show!Art in BloomNicole Lewis our Librarian re-visited her painting passion and helped paint the back of the bench. She wanted wildflowers and here they are!Art in BloomPlatt student Taylor Horwowitz brings his own street art style into the mix.Art in BloomPlatt student John Palacios has worked for weeks on his bench and it shows. His bench is a beautiful soiree of colors and Aztec symbols!Art in BloomArt in BloomFernando Serrano wanted to stay within the theme of coffee shop. With the help of his lovely girlfriend Vanessa, they created a divine painting of a worldly coffee shop woman!Art in BloomWe hope you will join us this Saturday, May 16th, for a fun and inspiring creative event!

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