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All the Best Photoshop Cheats You’ll Ever Need

June 24th, 2016 |

best photoshop cheats When you’re a graphic designer you’ve got to know Adobe Photoshop inside and out, but even the most proficient Photoshop users don’t always have every single keystroke memorized. Photoshop itself makes use of tons of keyboard shortcuts that make the pro level user’s life easier, but again, these are tough to recall without a cheat sheet.Here is a complete list of all the best Photoshop cheats you’ll ever need for your graphic design work.

The basics

To launch: in Mac click the Photoshop icon in the dock; in Windows click the Start menu or a taskbar icon. Create a Photoshop alias or shortcut on your desktop if you use it frequently and prefer to just double-click on the shortcut to open it.To set your preferences: in Mac choose Photoshop→Preferences and in Windows choose Edit→Preferences. Move panels or combine them, modify your shortcuts for the keyboard and menus, and customize your options bar until you’ve got things perfect for your preferences. Save your workspace: Window→Workspace→New Workspace.To open an image: click on File→Open. Whether you’re using Mac or Windows you can cycle through multiple open images by pressing Control+Tab.To zoom in and out: in Mac, press Command and + ; in Windows, Ctrl and +. To zoom out just swap out the minus sign for the plus sign.To scroll an image: in both Mac and Windows press the spacebar and drag.Photoshop Cheats

Using shortcuts to access the tools palette

There are tons of tools in Photoshop CS6 and CC, so we’ve grouped them here key by key:


Photoshop is filled with amazing shortcuts and tools—so many that even many experienced users can’t remember them all without cheat sheets. When you’re a graphic designer it’s important to know Adobe Photoshop as well as you can, because Photoshop provides so many keyboard shortcuts that make the routine user’s life so much simpler. Keep this complete list of all the best Photoshop cheats you’ll ever need for your graphic design work handy for your graphic design projects and handle Photoshop like a pro. 

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