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Bike To School Day 2015

April 29th, 2015 |

Ride Your Bike To School Day, May 15th

Ride Your Bike To School Day 2015Join us May 15th in our efforts to reduce pollution by riding your bike to school! If we have just 25 students pledge to ride a bike to school we will be able to do a raffle for a free bike! It would be the perfect time to borrow a friends bike for the day if you’ve been needing your own. There will be a breakfast celebration in the courtyard at 7:45 AM for anyone who participates. Students can ride solo and meet in the courtyard at that time, or meet at 30th and Adams for a group ride out of Normal Heights (so anyone in North/South Park, University Heights can meet there easy) at 7:15 AM for a guided group ride. RSVP on Facebok!

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