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November 19th, 2018 |

We want to take a moment to introduce our new Career Services blog. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bill Harshman, and I am the Career Services director for Platt College San Diego. The information on this blog will be beneficial for those of you looking for career advice and will contain a variety of resources that will help students gain work opportunities. I’ll also be sharing some inspiring work that I just can’t get over, it’s amazing what I see our talented students doing. Additionally, discussing what potential employers are looking for, industry trends, and things popping up on the radar.

The world is online. I’ve reached hundreds of more people with the Career Services group on Facebook than I could ever hope to reach in person. However, I still value the face-to-face meeting. Future blog posts will inform the students as well as potential employers of the networking opportunities we have to offer in Career Services. Our students are already networking here on campus, a small step that will benefit their careers greatly in the future, and the blog is another avenue that will help build future relationships between employers and students.

Ultimately I’m looking to educate and employ the students here at Platt College San Diego. If you are interested in providing feedback and engaging in more dialogue regarding the job force and career services, please feel free to email at

Thank you.

Bill Harshman

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About the Author:

Bill is a San Diego native and when not at work, you can catch him out in the sun on his kayak, mountain bike, or in his home made sand racer. He certainly knows how to enjoy the natural resources peculiar to San Diego. Bill has a Masters Degree in Organizational Management and over 20 years experience in employee development, which he uses to help students leverage their ability into employment opportunities.

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