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Code-a-thon Fun

October 16th, 2015 |

Platt College Code-a-thon

Web students coding at the Code-a-thon

In Platt’s Web Design Term 5 class, Web Campaign, students are put to the test, and code a website designated by their instructor, Fred Winton, within their regular class time.

In this stress-intensive time, the classes are broken up into groups of two or three. Each group must designate tasks or areas to concentrate on to each group member. This task is great for preparing the students for real-life tasks and pressure, and getting the students ready to work on code collaboration, as does happen often in jobs in the industry.

Snacks for the Web Campaign Codeathon
Snacks for the Web Campaign Codeathon
Congratulations to the students another day of successful coding and developing great team work (also, for not flipping tables from frustration).Code-a-thon students codingInterested in learning more about web design and development? Check out more information here.

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