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Digital-Tutors Awarded David Bittorf of Platt College

August 21st, 2012 |

David Bittorf Awarded Winner of the 2012 Computer Graphics & Visual Effects Instructor of the Year

Platt instructor David Bittorf has been teaching 3D Animation at Platt College San Diego Digital Media Design for over 6 years. Dave brings valuable knowledge to students with a passion for 3D Art and Animation. Teaching a wide range of classes such as Intro to Maya, Dynamics, Animation, Advanced Rendering and Compositing. His dedication to teaching has helped many students shape their future in the world of CG (Computer Graphics) and VFX (Visual Effects). He was also awarded teacher of the year by Platt College in 2010 for his inspiring contributions to the school. Having played an integral role in students lives by shaping young artists and the future CG and VFX work they will create. In addition the Platt college classes, Dave also teaches Platt’s week long summer class offered only to high school students known as Computer Graphics(CG) week. During CG week high school students can get a head start on learning the fundamentals of 3D Animation and Effects Compositing and how it applies to the Digital Media Design Industry.Digital Media Students At Work
“I’d like to thank all of my students who nominated me for this award.” -David Bittorf
Having worked in the industry since 2002, Dave is able to share his personal experience with Platt College Media Designers so that they may have the proper skills to find jobs in the industry when they graduate from Platt San Diego. Many of the student designers who have had the wonderful opportunity to have Dave as a teacher have recently nominated him as Instructor of the year from Digital Tutors. “This award meant a lot to me and I hope that I can help inspire other instructors,” said David. “The collaborative workshops and meeting fellow artists and instructors was a great experience and a reminder of our growing and supportive community.” According to the recent press release about the award, Dave was nominated by his students for his passion and dedication to teaching CG and VFX and beat out over 70 other instructors from around the world. Dave lead the awards with both the most votes and nominations from students and fellow instructors. “David and all of the 2012 CG & VFX Instructors of the Year are helping shape future professional artists that will soon be working on the latest CG and VFX-driven movies, shows, commercials and games,” said Piyush Patel, CEO of Digital-Tutors.Digitial Tutors Team
“I’d like to thank Digital Tutors for inviting me to their headquarters for a great collaborate effort.” -David Bittorf
Digital Tutors is one of the world’s leaders in online CG and VFX training and tutorial resources. The training they provide helps schools all over the world teach students the latest CG and VFX software, techniques and skills. For such a well known company to present an award to one of Platt’s instructors is a positive reminder of the great education students receive by attending Platt. Platt is very proud of David’s achievements and extremely thankful to have such a passionate and talented instructor as part of the school’s faculty. You can check out David’s portfolio that showcases his personal work and work from his students here:

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