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Platt Celebrates Emerging African American Artists

February 4th, 2015 |

Platt College Celebrates African American History

Forwarding the Dream

In addition to celebrating emerging African American artists, Our Head Librarian/ Instructor Nicole Lewis is commemorating Black History Month by sharing stories of artists who paved the way. “I asked my colleague, Richard Morris, a fellow African American teacher at Platt College, who inspired him to pursue art and he told me about his grandfather who was an illustrator in Texas while Jim Crow laws were in effect,” she expressed.Augie Gene Norris, Richard Morris’ grandfatherNicole was able to speak with Aubie Gene Norris, Richard Morris’ grandfather and recalls their heartfelt conversation, “He had to attend class after 5pm because classes were segregated. He was disheartened by the gross inequity, but never gave up because of his passion for art and the inner freedom it gave him.” Lewis says that Morris’ grandfather was a successful artist and was one of the first African Americans to have his work displayed in a building in downtown Houston.Augie Gene NorrisAubie was a graphic design illustrator at the predominately black newspaper Forward Times and was featured in the newspaper on June 22, 1963. Aubie Gene Norris sent the original newspaper to share with Nicole and the students here at Platt. Aubie Gene Norris is a sincere inspiration for all graphic design illustrators and artists. May everyone’s creative aspirations forward on….. Copies of the article can be found in Platt College’s Library. Click HERE to read the article. 

Check out the photos below from the Art Exhibit at Spring Valley Library

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