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Freebie Friday – Tip-Top Textures

July 23rd, 2015 |

Add that extra layer of oomph to your next design undertaking with these free textures, versatile enough to use in photography or vector-based projects! In these previews we prepared them with a vector logo for examples.
  1. 20 Realistic Rusty Metal Textures (with bonus displacement map) by Spoon GraphicsThese rusty metal textures were made from buildings and WW2 era hanger bay siding from a WWII Aerodome! It includes a color adjustment layer to find that perfect hue to complement a vintage design.Realistic Rusty Metal Logo Mockup Textures 
  2. Stained Floor Textures by Nathan BrownPhoto textures can be used in multiple ways, try playing around with your layer styles in Photoshop with this set of grungy stained floor textures.Stained Floor Textures 
  3. Hand Made Textures by Lane KinkadeFour unique, hand made vector texturesHand Made Textures 
  4. Aluminum Foil Textures by Designer CandiesGet glitzy with this tinfoil effect!Free Aluminum Foil Textures 
  5. Dust & Scratches Textures by Spoon GraphicsGeneral purpose vector textures to give your designs a vintage/stamped effect, included in the link is a short tutorial on how to clip textures to your vector.Dust Scratches Textures
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