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Help Support Everyone’s Favorite Online Encyclopedia, Wikipedia!

December 15th, 2014 |

Something many people take for granted in this technologically advanced age is the availability of free knowledge for all through the world wide web. Chances are if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about a particular subject one of the first places you visit is Wikipedia. The amount of information you can find there is almost infinite and here at Platt we can’t imagine a world without it! If you have ever learned something useful on Wikipedia, if you were inspired by any knowledge found there, please, support Wikipedia now! All it takes is $3! Even $1 will help! Click on the site and you will be prompted on how to donate. There is nothing like open access to knowledge at our fingertips. Thank you!!!Support Wikipedia

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Social Media Coordinator, Educational Representative and Platt College VFX Alumni. Likes bunnies, video games, cooking and taking frequent trips to Disneyland.

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