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Platt College San Diego Instructor Featured In The Local News!

July 26th, 2018 |

Hot off the Press! Platt College San Diego instructor Mike Smith was featured in the Sd Voyager this week!

“Meet Mike Smith” is an insightful article that introduces the world to the talented Mike Smith! Mike has been in the industry for a few years and an instructor at PCSD for over five years.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“I’m a San Diego native who grew up around art. My dad was a graphic designer and I recognize a lot of his designs while driving around the city. He painted an informational image for the La Jolla Tide Pools that used to be on display there when I was younger. So I knew growing up that I’d become an artist like my dad. I was hugely influenced by the old Discovery Channel show ‘Movie Magic’ which really sparked my passion for special effects. After high school, I got a degree in 3D Animation from Platt College. During my last few classes, I was a Teacher’s Aide and that showed me another passion I didn’t know that I had: teaching.

So after working in the industry for a few years, I went back to teach. I’ve taught there for 5 or so years, all the while working with local filmmakers to bring higher quality visual effects to the San Diego film scene, either by doing them myself or connecting recent graduates with directors who need animators. The latest film I had the pleasure to work on was a sci-fi/fantasy short film called ‘Daisy Belle’ written and Directed by William Wall of Halo Cinematic. ‘Daisy Belle’ won numerous awards at the San Diego Film Festival this year including Best VFX and Best Narrative Short Film. It also went on to win 5 Emmys. One for each member of our small team.” -SD VOYAGER

Artwork by Mike Smith

To read the full article, clink on the link Meet Mike Smith

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