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How Learning Graphic Design Will Make You an Excellent Job Candidate

October 21st, 2015 |

Learn graphic designExpertise in graphic design is a highly sought-after skill. There is currently a large and steadily growing market for graphic designers in a number of different industries, and the jobs are not limited to design-specific occupations. Studying graphic design can open doors for you in many ways. Learning graphic design will make you an excellent job candidate with the skills and knowledge you will acquire.


Learning graphic design through an established program will ensure that you master the foundations of design and the programs used to convey them. The Graphic Design program at Platt College San Diego will lead you to proficiency in digital design studio operation, composition, layout, digital paint and illustration, typography, prepress production, and photo manipulation. Through this program you will also learn advanced technologies, such as designing publishing applications for tablets. By studying graphic design, you will not only master software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, but you will also learn the theory and history behind the industry. Knowledge in the theory of design will allow you to explain how and why you chose a specific design, which will help you to efficiently convey your desired message. A degree or certificate from Platt College will give you credibility as a designer and a built in reference to the skills and knowledge you possess.


All that training will not only prepare you for any position specific to graphic design, publishing, or artistry, but will also allow you to increase your job opportunities with businesses of any nature who know the importance of an in-house designer. Learning graphic design qualifies you for a variety of design fields, such as that of a graphic artist, art director, book designer, creative director, desktop publisher, digital artist, digital imaging specialist, illustrator, logo designer, multimedia designer, production artist, and web designer. You also create opportunities for yourself in companies whose focus is not design but who require it for success. Companies ranging from small or private businesses to major corporations know the importance of good design. A graphic designer will help brands stand out by effectively and creatively communicating who they are and what they offer. An in-house graphic designer allows businesses to personally design their logos, websites, and templates. It also allows them a quick, cost-effective, and controlled method to transform ideas into visual representations. It also will increase the professionalism of a business to have a properly designed website that is aesthetically appealing and efficient. Graphic designers are already in high-demand and the demand will only continue to increase. Learning graphic design not only will give you a wide-range of job opportunities, but it will make you an excellent applicant for many jobs.

Acquired Skills

In the process of learning graphic design, you will also acquire and refine other skills that will only increase your marketability as a job applicant. It will promote and constantly challenge your creativity. You will learn time management as all projects come with a deadline. You will demonstrate an ability to adapt as design techniques and technology are constantly changing. It will show that you have an understanding in communicating ideas through images. And by obtaining a degree or certificate from Platt College, you will show that you are professional, determined, and disciplined. These, among many others, are all skills and attributes that will make you stand out as a job candidate.

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