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Illustrations Of The Week: Vector Robots by Alumni Michael Fugoso

March 23rd, 2016 |

Platt College Alumni, Michael Fugoso, recently completed a fun series of illustrations that focuses on unique robots of all shapes and sizes. These 4 robots serve a purpose for a larger project that he is working that hasn’t been unveiled yet, but we will be following up with him for a later spotlight blog. Vector Robots by Alumni Michael FugosoWe really enjoyed watching his process as he unveiled a new robot character every few days for the past couple weeks. They were all made in Adobe Illustrator and have been featured by several very prominent Instagram galleries like Best Vector and Graphic Design Central. Both great profiles if you want to get your work seen by thousands of people.Vector Robots by Alumni Michael FugosoIf you want to check out more of Michael’s work, be sure to stop by his Instagram profile for more inspirational designs!Vector Robots by Alumni Michael FugosoVector Robots by Alumni Michael Fugoso

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About the Author:

Social Media Coordinator, Educational Representative and Platt College VFX Alumni. Likes bunnies, video games, cooking and taking frequent trips to Disneyland.

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