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Trip to Italy: Educational Expedition

November 20th, 2007 |

Platt College San Diego students visited several beautiful cities in Tuscany and Umbria – Rome, Tivoli, Assisi, Florence and Venice. On their ten days of a very well designed and educational tour the students learned not only the gems of Medieval and Renaissance architecture and painting, but had an opportunity to experience the Mediterranean culture: food, music, fashion, customs, and European graphic design. Our observant students endlessly commented on billboards, graphic styles of menus, advertisements, posters, and event tickets. It was an excellent expedition and opened new horizons for all of us here at PCSD: Inspired to learn more, to see more and to boldly employ our creativity. New friendships were created, sketchbooks and journals were filled and a new passion for travel was well established. Our goal of showing our students a new, unexplored path that becomes an inseparable part of Platt College San Diego’s education values were met. This year, Italy. Next year, Spain! Viva Italy 2007! Viva Spain 2008!

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