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Marvel Superheroes: A Creative Tribute hosted by Platt College

January 29th, 2013 |

Growing up kids often dream of becoming many things, a rock star, an astronaut or even a superhero. It’s these things that follow many people into adulthood and can inspire artists to create new heroes for the next generation of children to look up to. Everyone has heroes growing up and on November 16th, 2012 at the Alexander Salazar fine art exhibit Platt students and Alumni were able to pay tribute to some of their favorite heroes.Rogue created by Natasha EnglehardtFrom the Avengers to the X-men, Marvel is responsible for some of the greatest and most iconic comic book superheroes. The night of the event it was very apparent that the students at Platt were able to find inspiration to create their own personal tribute to Marvel. Although Platt is a Digital Media Design College, there were many different artistic mediums represented throughout the packed exhibit, showcasing the varied talents of Platt students. From sculptures to digital paintings it was a visual treat for all!Black Widow by Jarod OctonThis was Platt’s second year coordinating an exhibit of this magnitude, it is safe to say it was a huge success! The year before Platt did a tribute to the Legend of Zelda for it’s 25th Anniversary which was equally successful. Platt College San Diego has surely set the standard for future exhibits in the years to come.Video by Platt Graduate, Anel Aguilar and Donald Farmer. Shot with Canon T3i and Go Pro Hero 2

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