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Modernistic Volumes: Book Cover Redesigns Exhibition

October 29th, 2015 |

Book Cover Redesigns Exhibition

The creative exhibition currently on display at the Mission Valley Library presents several of the book cover projects assigned to students as part of the Graphic Design/Multimedia program at Platt College San Diego. Modernistic Volumes showcases a selection of innovative and experimental cover redesign case studies using Vector Graphics curated by our Vector Graphics teacher Julio Frizza and Head Librarian, Nicole Lewis.

Mission Valley Library Art Show

The goal of this assignment is to challenge the students to recreate or redesign the front cover of existing books from any genre or target audience, yet solely amassing vector elements—without incorporating photographic references. Reduction (how the design looks as a thumbnail) is also crucial, as more people view these designs at booksellers online, or browsing through libraries with cell phones. Strong titles, originality, skilled composition, engaging graphics, enticing colors, and well executed notions were the driving forces behind their creative concepts.

Catching Fire book design by Kyrsa Dunnihoo

Whether a new or old book, ultimately the cover does not try to tell us the whole story, rather it invites the readers to open the book; recover the old; uncover what is hidden; and discover something modernistic. If you’re looking for an inspiring showcase of Platt College graphic design talent, we invite you to stop by the Mission Valley Library now until the month of December.

The Wizard of Oz book design by Sam Dieck

The Mission Valley Library, located by the Qualcomm Stadium and Ikea, with the San Diego River as it’s backdrop, was designed by architect Rob W. Quigley. The library houses three permanent art installations by local artist Joyce Cutler-Shaw, commissioned by the City of San Diego: the Sycamore Canopy columns, the staircase railings of “Wild Grasses”, and “The Sycamore Leaf Cascade” in the Children’s room. Coincidentally, Julio Frizza, our Adobe Illustrator teacher, helped  translate Cutler-Shaw’s drawings into metal and Plexiglas, by tracing her sketches into vectors using Illustrator.

Art Installation at the Mission Valley Library

The digital paths were then used to cut the metal plates used in the columns, as well as the leaf shapes used for the “Leaf Cascade.” The Library received an Orchid Award from the San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for “Best Institutional Design” and “Best Divine Details” for the 8 lighted tree columns and art installations throughout the facility.

Art Installation at the Mission Valley Library

  More artwork from the exhibition can be found through our Facebook album below!
The creative exhibition currently on display at the Mission Valley Library presents several of the book cover projects… Posted by Platt College – San Diego on Thursday, October 29, 2015

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