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Muse 2018

October 15th, 2018 |

A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION: MUSE | Vol. 9 | 2017-18 Student Work in ReviewCover of the Muse

A new MUSE is out! The ninth edition of our inspiring school magazine bursts with creativity, dedication, well executed projects, cool graphics, fun memories, and more. The publication follows another academic year through the work of students completing Associate and Bachelor programs at Platt College San Diego. This issue, Volume 9, features Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Digital Video, and 3D Modeling projects completed in 2017 and 2018.

Each generation of students challenges the set norms, by pushing the limits of technology, evolving ideas with originality, improving outcomes, and exceeding expectations. This is reflected in the work produced by Platt College students. Some outstanding examples are presented in the MUSE.

The magazine would not be possible without the help of my dear students, teachers, and colleagues. Many thanks to all the people who contribute to this edition; all the ideas, submissions, edits, and support are greatly appreciated.

Predisposition, power, people, professionalism, personality, practice, precision, principles, perspective, patience, passion, perseverance … together we all shape Platt College San Diego.

Julio Pompa Frizza

Director of Education, Platt College

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