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New Year, New Inspiration: Students Featured in SD Voyager!

January 30th, 2019 |

New Year, New Inspiration

Two of our students featured in SD Voyager!

January is the month that starts the new year and new inspiration.

Two students from Platt College San Diego were featured in the SD Voyager in January.

We are so proud of recent alumni Matt Iozia and current student Savannah Buchanan.

The students here at Platt are a true inspiration.

To read the articles please click on the links below.

Matt Iozia

“My graphic design work is relatively wide-ranging, though I’d have to say my favorite projects involve branding and visual identity. I love the art of conceptualizing and creating the face of a brand or product. Whether it’s package design, logos, labels, or a style guide, it’s such an honor when clients trust me to bring their products to life. Ever since I was a child, packaging, and logos, etc. always interested me. So, to see my idea of what a product should look and feel like transcend into something tangible and purposeful is a great reward. It’s an even greater reward when people like the designs I put out.” -SD Voyager

Click here to read more about Matt: Art & Life with Matt Iozia SDVoyager

Savannah Buchanan

“My whole life I’ve been a creative. My dad is a huge artistic inspiration to me and was a skilled tattoo artist and painter. I was drawing, painting, or in art classes constantly. Always craving artistic freedom in my life, I enrolled in an Art Pathway Program focusing on graphic design, 4D design, and animation in high school. I was passionate about the projects I did throughout the years and knew I wanted to have an artistic career. A friend and great teacher from my Art Pathway Program mentioned Platt College San Diego for graphic design, media, web and more! Since enrolling, I’ve established my own brand, created numerous digital illustrations, done client work, logos, and close to getting my Associates in graphic design. After that, I’ll be deciding my bachelors major as web, video, or 3d very soon!” -SD Voyager

Click here to read more about Savannah: Meet Savannah SDVoyager

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