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PCSD Return from Spain

November 14th, 2008 |

Overseas Cultural Excursion was a complete, eye-opening, educational and exhilarating trip. The food, wine, accommodations, tour guides, architecture, art, literature, music, museums and personalities of those who experienced this amazing trip made the cultural landscape that more enjoyable.   Cities visited: Toledo, Consuegra, Granada, Rondo, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona.   About PCSD Overseas Cultural Excursions   PCSD Overseas Cultural Excursions are 10-13 day trips, with accommodations, ground transportation, airfare, most food and local guides all included in the cost.   2007 Italy. 2008 Spain. 2009 Japan.   These tours consist of well thought out programs that are highly educational, especially for someone training to work in a creative, artistic field. We would like our students to see these trips as part of their education. It is an effort on our part to provide them with a cultural experience that will complement and enhance what they are learning at Platt College. It is our wish that, upon their return, our students remember and talk about their experience in these terms. Our annual overseas excursions are an important part of our co-curricular program; and, we regard this program as something that sets us apart from other schools.  

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