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Platt Alumni Dave Downes & Justin Edelman Provide Support to the Linderkids Foundation

December 17th, 2014 |

LinderKidsDonationkickoff from footprintfilm on Vimeo.

Local San Diego Crossfit aims to help foster kids through fitness

At a quarter to nine in the evening there is no lack of motivation from the Linderkids team. Ashley Linder and Josh Klein are on a mission to set and surpass a world record for the most pull ups in a twenty-four hour period. Ashley must complete 2500 pull ups and Josh must complete 4321, all within a 24 hour period. At the writing of this blog entry they are both on pace to complete this challenge. I became involved when good friend of mine, Justin Edelman, asked me to support the challenge with some of my camera equipment. In order to set the record a judge needs to be present, or the challenge can be recorded. So Justin and I need to record the event for the entire 24 hours. I’m using an AF100 to accomplish this with the cards in “gang” mode. I also have an HPX 170 set up in pre-record mode as a back up in the event of a catastrophic failure on the AF 100.Linderkids FoundationThe event is a festive one, many people have come out to show their support and even do some pull-ups in “solidarity” with the team. They are doing the pull up challenge to raise awareness for foster children, the money collected from the event will be donated to charities that promote gym memberships for foster children. The motto is fostering the future with fitness.Linderkids FoundationUpdating this blog post now, after the fact. So a couple of things, first the duo did not complete the challenge, although they gave their best effort. At around the 16 hour mark Ashley and Josh were unable to finish. Ashley completed just over 1500 pull ups and Josh completed approximately 2500 pull ups in 16 hours though. Which is remarkable on it’s own. Their efforts raised awareness for Foster kids and raised money to provide quality crossfit training to a number of foster children in the San Diego area. Ashley was a foster child and has decided to use her success in the Navy and crossfit training to provide as much help as she can to the San Diego Foster Youth. And although they didn’t complete the world record (Actually Ashley is planning on submitting her attempt since currently there is no world record for women.) they did open up a whole new world for some deserving children in our community. And this is what it’s all about, it’s not the record, or the cameras, or the money. It’s what they did, it’s what you have done, it’s what you can do. This is the sort of mentality that the Leikers and Mr. Medro have promoted here at Platt. What can you do to help our community. I suspect we’ll be seeing and hearing more great things from Platt College in the future. So stay tuned. Check out videos from the event below!

LinderKidupdate1 from footprintfilm on Vimeo.

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LinderKidsWrapUp from footprintfilm on Vimeo.

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