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Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano

July 28th, 2017 |

Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education Representative

Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: Why did you want to attend Platt College San Diego? Where and how did you hear about us? Fernando:  I heard about Platt College in my last two weeks of high school.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to go to college in order to move forward with life.  I remember scrolling through Facebook and seeing an advertisement for Platt. I also recall my cousin sharing a post about Platt College with the caption, “If you like art this is the school for you!” So I clicked on the link and fell in love with all the different Media Arts styles that they were offering and how diverse the school was. I wanted to attend Platt because it was a school that I knew would understand how my mind works. This school is not just about teaching the Media Arts, but it helps you discover who you really are. It also helped me grow out of my shell.Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: When did you graduate from Platt College?Fernando: I graduated on Jan. 25, 2016.  Nicole: What do you do at Platt?Fernando:  It has been quite the journey. I started out as a work-study student and worked in the library until I graduated. Once I graduated, I became a teaching assistant for the Term 4: 3D class. After about eight months of being a teaching assistant, I transitioned into the job I am doing now which is the Education Representative for Platt. I  love it, it has been my favorite job so far because I am provided the opportunity to go out and inspire the youth to pursue a higher education. It also allows me to share my love of Platt and enthuse high schools students to attend here.Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: Why did you want to work for Platt College?Fernando: Platt is like a second home to me. I got to make friends and memories while I was a student. Now it’s like a dream come true to be part of the school that helped guide me onto the path of success.Nicole: Hoare you using your graphic design skills?Fernando: I am currently a freelance graphic designer and I am constantly creating graphic designs for my Instagram page. My freelance work involves doing work around my local area Chula Vista, Tijuana, and Imperial Beach. I design logos, t-shirt designs, and banners. I also use my skills to create inspiring high school presentations so that I can show examples to potential students. I really want them to see all the cool things they can learn here Platt!Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: What inspired you to start a career as a graphic designer and artist?Fernando: As corny as this may sound, it was my mom. She was in the army and on her free time she loved drawing. I remember watching her as a kid, seeing how happy she was when she was drawing and thinking to myself, I want to draw like that.Nicole: What has been your biggest challenge working as a designer?Fernando: My biggest challenge as a designer is coming up with new designs, and sometimes I get designer’s block but it doesn’t last long because working in this stimulating environment is enough motivation for me!Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: What advice do you have for other artists, designers, and potential students?Fernando: Believe in yourself, be open to learning new things, work hard, and follow your dreams.  Nicole: What advice would you give to future students of Graphic Design?Fernando: Ha, all of the above answers and practice, practice, practice, and once you’re done practicing, practice more.  NicoleCan you name any Platt teachers who inspired you the most?Fernando: I can’t pick just one teacher because I learned so much from all of my instructors. I always appreciated all my teachers. There are a wealth of talented teachers here at Platt who know the industry and who are always willing to impart their knowledge on their students.  Nicole: Where do you find your creativity? Who are your muses?Fernando: I FIND INSPIRATION EVERYWHERE, for example, I am always researching online and reading magazines so I can learn about the latest Graphic design trends etc., but the retro look has always been my favorite style.Platt Alumni Spotlight: Fernando Serrano Platt College San Diego Education RepresentativeNicole: Do you plan on furthering your education in the Media Arts realm?Fernando: Yes, I would say I am already doing so, just by working at Platt and learning new things to share with the students through being an Education Representative.  Nicole: What are three things you are passionate about?Fernando: Let’s see, three things I am very passionate about… Star Wars, Anime, my career at Platt and trying to be a better person. Wait, I think that is four things!  Nicole: Where can we view your latest works?Fernando: Instagram: #fs_design1102Behance:

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