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Platt Around Town

August 9th, 2016 |

Platt Around Town

The instructors at Platt love to enrich the students’ learning experiences by taking them out to museums, graphic design conferences and live music performances.Emily Slapin had the opportunity to take two of her Anatomy classes to the Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park to draw from skulls and skeletons and to compare first-hand how skeletal and muscular systems are similar to and different from that of other mammals. Seeing and drawing from these skeletons first-hand brings to life information in a way that a classroom lecture will never be able to.

Platt Around Town Platt Around Town

Dave Bittorf and Mark Escobar treated their students to SIGGRAPH 2016! SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Platt Around Town Platt Around Town

Nicole Lewis teaches Music 201 (The Enjoyment of Music) and deems that the best way to enjoy music is to go out and listen to it! Her class attended live music performances at the Studio Door in North Park and the Jazz Jam at the Museum of Art in Balboa Park.

 Platt Around Town Platt Around Town Platt Around Town Platt Around TownPlatt Around Town

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