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Platt College: A Little United Nations In San Diego

May 14th, 2018 |

Platt College San Diego was recently featured in three local newspapers: North Park News, Normal Heights News, and Ken-Tal News.

The article featured Meg Leiker, our Platt College San Diego president and highlighted her commitment and passion for maintaining a warm environment that embraces diversity.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Meg Leiker, president of Platt College San Diego School of Digital Media Design says the school is like a “Little United Nations” because she believes that’s a vital part of its success. Of course, she credits her teachers and administrative staff, motivated students, and access to cutting-edge technology, but asserts that cultural diversity is a major part of the equation.

“Diversity brings such dimension and strength to an academic environment,” President Leiker says. “When you can bring together people from different backgrounds who all have a common interest, you greatly enrich the learning experience for everyone.” In the thirty-eight years that Platt College has been part of the community, creating a diverse student body has been a priority. Today, President Leiker deems that the college still strives to reflect the cultural richness of the region.” -Jennifer Coburn

To read the full article, stop by the Platt College San Diego Library.

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