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Platt College Fall 2014 Graduation Ceremony

October 10th, 2014 |

Congratulations Media Arts Graduates

Congratulations Fall 2014 Platt College Graduates!

If you have ever attended a large graduation ceremony for a university or high school, then you know that often times you can wait hours just to hear the name of your family member or friend to walk across the stage for a brief moment. However, that’s not the case at a Platt College San Diego graduation ceremony! Twice a year we throw a graduation ceremony at the Joan Kroc Theater, that we feel is more personal and inspiring than most graduation ceremonies. As each student is called on stage to receive their diploma we take a moment to say a little bit about each student. Some students take their moment on stage to thank their family, friends and teachers that helped them along their road to success. Congratulations Honors Graduates!Since we are a digital media design school, we happen to be pretty savvy with video equipment, which allows us to also share a live stream of all of our graduation ceremonies. This allows graduates with friends and family that aren’t able to attend in person an opportunity to watch from the comfort of home. If you weren’t able to catch the ceremony yet, or would like to rewatch the festivities the video will be posted online via the following link by next week. highlight from this years graduation was a beautiful video that Platt College Digital Video Production alumni Justin Edelman put together. He took the time to interview a lot of our staff and faculty for this project to show the heart and soul behind Platt College. Thank you Justin for leaving us with such a wonderful video, don’t forget about us when you start working on your first blockbuster film!

Platt Graduation Video from footprintfilm on Vimeo.

To all of our students that graduated this Fall, everyone at Platt is extremely proud of you and all that you have accomplished on your journey here. Be sure to keep in touch and share your success stories as an Alumni. Congratulations to all of you!

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